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Sam has been coaching me for a few months now and I think she is very good- she is calm and listens whilst giving great advice. I look forward to our sessions and feel so much better after. I was stuck in a rut but through the sessions I have decided to make a huge life change to give up alcohol as I felt calmer and ready to actually help myself for once!  I am now almost 100 days alcohol free and life is so much better. I could not have done this without her advice and support. I highly recommend her to help and support people .

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Since starting these sessions I can honestly say the guidance given have really been game changing in how I have been approaching different areas of my life.  Often simple but such effective techniques have resulted in positive outcomes which would never have happened prior.  My outlook has many more dimensions. The benefit is widespread across my family and work life.

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There is so much to do and it can get really overwhelming at times. Sam taught me a few ways I can take a step back, refocus, and dump all my To Dos to get them out of my head and organized in a way that makes them more tangible. I find myself pausing more, being empathetic and not letting my kids negative energy become mine but instead focusing on my positive energy to ground us all. I'm still practicing and I'm definitely not perfect but it's helped a lot. I learned different ways to approach social situations as a newly alcohol free person. I've been successful in outings with friends, date nights, family get togethers and vacations all without alcohol which is amazing. My confidence level with being alcohol free is incredibly high and Sam had a lot to do with that. I learned how to focus on the positives and be proud of how far I've come. Sam always did an amazing job of remembering how far I've come and all the work I've put into myself this year. Being a more positive person is high on my list of things to work on and Sam was a perfect example of the type of positive person I hope to be.

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