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Top tips for loving ski alcohol free

It’s often a huge worry - navigating “the holiday” in those early days and skiing is right up there for those that ski. 2nd friends ski trip - 48 hours of fun, genuine laugh 'til you cry moments the whole time and not an inkling of FOMO on the booze front! So top tips…..

1) Don’t overthink it before you go

whether or not you can drink won’t be what is passing through your mind as you navigate those slopes! Whether or not you were listening in those ski lessons might be.

2) Après ski still exists sober or not!

Go to the bars (if you don’t feel triggered). It’s an absolute blast! Friendship, dancing, singing, sweaty bodies, the shared pain of tired limbs, alcohol free beer a plenty. Yes everyone is drinking but it doesn’t have to be alcohol!

3) Replace a burning liqueur shot with a hot chocolate on the mountain.

That might sound silly but it’s yummy, warm and filled with cream.

4) Don’t focus on the booze!

It is an element, it is what people talk about, it’s written on the t-shirts but it really doesn’t have to be the focus at all. 

5) Find your own focus

For me it was friendship, making the most of being in the mountains and enjoying the atmosphere. 

When you realise that alcohol really is just one element you can ease your worry. Unless you narrow your focus and turn off the mountains, the snow, the food, the laughs then you will love it. And this applies to all experiences. If you limit your life because of alcohol then alcohol will be magnified and something you associate with missing out and spoiling your fun. Then it becomes hard to kick it out of your life. Don’t make alcohol your focus and it won’t be.


Interested in exploring the alcohol free world?

My mission is to normalise the conversation around alcohol. It doesn't have to be awkward. This is just another life change and a hugely positive one. Don't overthink it.

I offer an Online rethinking alcohol program and 1:1 program  plus one off sessions  so please get in touch if this is something that interests you.  

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