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The Energy series

Episode 1: My Energy course

This short blog series reflects upon different aspects of my specific coaching focus. Within each episode I will introduce you to common challenges that you may resonate with and discuss how my energy course helps address those challenges.

But first, reflecting on a rollercoaster of energy levels and the inspiration for the course:

The search for more energy

Being a mum to 3 children, one with additional needs, managing my own business, and taking on the world in my spare time (or so it felt), I was exhausted. I was also, despite all the right "boxes" being ticked, a little underwhelmed with life. The permanent break from alcohol that I took is documented in another blog post The clarity I gained from removing alcohol inspired me to become a coach. I have come to love supporting others in finding their own clarity but throughout my training I realised that the common theme I was extracting from my learning was that of energy. It has fascinated me how we have the power to completely transform our energy flows: to take on the world some days or others to struggle to carry out basic tasks. It startled me how my own mood could drop from 100 to zero based on my reaction to another human being.

This is what led me to focus on one particular field you might say - Energy! I realised that, as a person who had spent decades with wildly fluctuating energy levels and was now successfully raising them, this is where I would focus my coaching. Once you change your energy flows you allow space for the clarity to emerge.

The energy coach

So the energy coach is born. I have loved developing a style that is true to me, being my authentic self and matching my niche to that self. I believe a person's energy flows are fundamental to every aspect of their being and their growth. I decided that I would most benefit my clients by creating a structured program to work from rather than fluid weekly coaching. My program is one of growth and building on skills week by week.

"Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection" Mark Twain

The energy program

My course aims to dissect the elements of your life that aren't serving you by looking at a number of energy spots and analysing their influences on you individually. I have created a 10 session program that focuses on rebooting and enhancing the energy flows to allow you to move forward with a more rewarding path and help you create a positive future structure. The course is underpinned by two positive psychology tools: the PERMA profiler* and the six streams. ** and you will receive questionnaires linked to both. As we look at your energy drivers we will refer back to your responses to these two positive psychology profilers.

  • 10 sessions spread across 4 months to allow time between sessions to solidify learning

  • Clear and concise summary emails follow each session to allow you to review the developments in your own journey.

  • Set homework to keep momentum going

  • A summary bespoke "reset" pack at the end of the course to refer to every time you falter or stray off path.

The key to the program is that you feel comfortable. We will go at your pace.

Please click here if you are interested in finding out more about my course


* The Perma profiler - devised by prominent psychologist Martin Selligman - it breaks down individual elements of your life that are considered to be key to increasing well being - Positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishment.

** The six streams - the building blocks of wellbeing - these actually date back to the 1500s with various iterations over the centuries - we will look at Sleep, Movement, connection, recovery (stress management) and nutrition with alcohol as an add on if willing


The alcohol free space

My other passion will always be supporting people who would like to change their relationship with alcohol. Whilst the after effects of alcohol are one of the biggest energy drainers, my alcohol coaching is a separate program. Email me to find out more.

Please follow the link to all of my courses and workshops


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