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Are you ready to think about alcohol from a different perspective?

Are you ready to lift the blinkers?

Let me tell you about my workshops

I offer my workshops in a 2 hour zoom which is more informative with less interaction or a more interactive local workshop where we discuss the different areas in more depth. 


Both options are designed to invite new ideas and concepts around where alcohol sits in your life.

Both options can lead into my six week course (workshop cost canto be deducted)

Image by Rubaitul Azad

zoom workshops

  • 2 hours intense workshop

  • Rest breaks 10 minutes x 2

  • Aim to give you an introduction into challenging alcohol

Onsite workshop: next date

20th May 2023

  • Location: Billericay - address TBC

  • Start time 9.30 (arrive from 9am)

  • Finish time 2.30pm (buffer to 3pm)

  • Coffee breaks 15 minutes x 2

  • Lunch break 1/2 hour

If you like what you hear you might then want to sign up to my six week intense course

Next steps



Sign up to the course

zoom 2 hr

onsite day


Create a log in at the learning school


Await invite: you will be invited to the workshop course within the school


Pop the date in your diary

Workshop details

My story and what a positive experience this alcohol adventure has been for me


Initial brief tips on how I reached 1000 days

Creating a picture of your story to now:  looking at how alcohol truly makes you feel and various exercises around that


Looking at triggers 

Looking ahead: what does a positively energised future look like. What does it contain. What does it feel like

How can we get there identify the disconnect between that picture and now

The brain chemistry: and what is going on there 

Feel supported. Feel connected.

It's all on a feeling.  If it feels right then let's explore. What have you got to lose?  And more importantly.....

Sometimes when you are in a dark place you think you've been buried, when actually you've been planted.

Christine Caine

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