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Microstressors and the daily routine


(Suggested run time 2 hours)

About the Course

This is a two part workshop ​​


we look at the concept of microstressors and unpick individual microstressor.  We then look at how we could reduce or even eliminate those microstressors and replace them with positives


Having freed up some time in part 1 we now get to recreate our mornings to allow us to build a morning routine that encourages a focus on self - we look at Hal Elrod's miracle morning as a base and incorporate as many elements from this as work for you. Again i can share my story see my blog  where I was introduced to the 5.30am wakeups, , daily exercise and a daily journal entry - none of which i had attempted before! ​


To increase positive energy by removing the daily microstressors and introducing a positive foundation to your day all before you leave for work

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