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1:1 Rethinking alcohol program

A program designed to lift the blinkers, to question your thought processes, to create a new life where alcohol has less emphasis

The aims of alcohol free coaching

To give you the actual desire to change your relationship with alcohol not just the feeling that you "should" change.

Is 1:1 alcohol free coaching right for me?

Do you feel alcohol is playing an unhealthy part in your life?

Do you want to redirect that wasted energy?

Do you want to find more clarity on where life might lead you?

Do you think you would benefit from / prefer a 1:1 mentoring approach

A structured program

6 x 45 minute session over 6-12 weeks

Supporting the individual as we focus on the specific pain areas associated with alcohol and build a unique plan

Weekly accountability and tasks to keep you focused

Program outline

Week by week we will unpick the connections that you have to alcohol and redirect those connections to other more energy enhancing areas.

We will look at your triggers

We will really question the benefits that alcohol gives you

We will replace the alcohol attachment with something much more fulfilling

Yourself in parts

We will be looking at yourself in terms of parts and honing in on the parts of you that have embraced a desire to change and offering more support to the parts that aren't quite there yet

Session takeaways

Tools that you will be able to refer back to after our sessions together have come to an end

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