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Hello and welcome to 1:1 coaching

sober coach

I offer one off sober coach sessions either to run alongside the online program or as a standalone. 

These can be beneficial in supporting you with your ongoing journey.  I offer 30 minute or 45 minute sessions. 30 minute sessions are recommended further down the line after a few initial 45 minute sessions or a block of sessions


energy coach

My 1:1 coaching sessions create a safe space for you to identify your energy drivers, expel what is not serving you, dig deep on growth opportunities and create a new map

Uncovering your energy

Life creates blinkers. Our upbringing, education, career paths, family situation, geographical location, luck or misfortune.  Each and every life situation can stop us in our tracks or send us in an entirely unexpected direction.  We very often build up barriers to protect but ultimately stifle future growth and limit our current energy levels and future desires. My coaching will help uncover what energises YOU.

My lightbulb moment

It was my own discovery journey that allowed me to remove my own blinkers.  Traumatic childhood to the battles of having a child with rare additional needs had left me rather stifled.  Some wonderful counselling took me to a point and then self development took me forward.  My intensive coaching training and all the self development learning have allowed me to see real unlimited possibility. Blinkers removed, barriers knocked down.  There is no reason you can't make a change - so let's find out what it is that you want.

Removing the blinkers

Comfort zones leapt out of, mindful moments, early morning runs, mountains climbed, learning new skills.  Just removing those blinkers changes your whole perspective.  I would love to help you unlock your energy.

Contact me to find out more

Get in touch and we will book in a no obligation intro session where all will be explained

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